Thank you for following the progress of the Bethel Midtown Village/North Downtown Athens redevelopment. The redevelopment will preserve and expand affordable housing options downtown and advance the vision included in the North Downtown Athens Master Plan. 

Current Work, as of June 2022:

  • The demolition and grading project is approximately 90% complete.
  • All 6 buildings on the site of the future Phase I of new housing have been demolished. 
  • The area of the future Wetland Park has been excavated and stormwater infrastructure has been installed.

Upcoming work: 

  • Mass grading of the Phase I area
  • Spring-Winter 2022: Infrastructure installation, including street improvements, public Wetland Park at the corner of Hull St. and Hoyt St., stormwater and utilities upgrades
  • Jan 2023: Groundbreaking of first 120 units of new mixed-income housing.