What area will be affected by Phase I construction?

Phase I of the North Downtown Athens Redevelopment will be located in the northwestern corner of the current Bethel Midtown Village property shown here in blue.

demolition plan - North Downtown Athens residences

Six buildings will be demolished initially to accommodate the new residential buildings, street network improvements, and a public park.

When will demolition begin?

Demolition activity in the Phase I area is expected to begin in mid-December 2021.

What safety measures will be taken during construction?

The safety of Bethel residents and the surrounding community is the highest priority. The Phase I area will have full perimeter fencing to prevent unauthorized access to the construction areas.

Will demolition impact vehicular access to any apartment buildings?

Temporarily, the Hoyt Street entrance will be used by the General Contractor. Residents in 115 and 125 will share this entrance and parking with the contractor until the erosion and sedimentation control measures are fully installed. Sedimentation control measures and at least one of the three new construction entrances will be fully installed approximately January 15.

What hours will construction activity take place?

The Contractor will work the following times: Mon- Saturday between the hours of 7 am and 6 pm.

Why do I see flags and paint markings in my community?

As part of the demolition process, existing utility lines must be located. Flags and spray paint will be used across the community – in the area to be demolished and the areas to remain.